Arranged Marriage – turned out to be friendship & don’t know when Love conquered it.

Our parents got to know about each other from a mediator. My parents met him in India during his vacation whereas I was in Dubai working hard. My parents & brother liked him.

He called me after coming back from his vacation & we decided to meet over weekend. I liked his chivalrous & Chilled out attitude. He came to pick me & we went to one of the amazing ambience place in Dubai, which apparently was designed by him. After meeting almost 10-15 Guys, I was quite used to with the set up & chilled out about the meeting without any apprehensions & expectations. Before meeting we got to know about few common friends from the same town, which increased our positivity towards the alliance.

We ended up spending almost 4-5 hours that evening over drinks & turned out to be a good ice breaking session for both of us, as I had never met a guy before over drinks for arranged marriage set up:-P, which was first time for me to spend that much of time for an arranged set up, very next day he called me to come & see his work place & lunch. So basically his honesty made me interested in him. After that we both kept in touch & met couple of times from July till October. All meetings were very relaxing which made us know each other very well.

We both were getting pressure from our respective families but we took good 3-4 months to take a final call. During Diwali I went home & his parents came home to meet me. Things were more or less finalized then but without being discussed by both of us. Till then we both were in frequent contact over whats app & calls. By then I was pretty sure about him as I liked him for the fact that he didn’t turn out to be those cheeky guys who in the name of marriage try to woo girls & thinks themselves to be those hunks. I always had this special place for people who are self made. They know when to do what. So he is one of those people who has established himself alone in his own business without anybody’s help in new country.

Most irritating part was he took his own sweet time to decide over things whereas I was pretty sure after 1-2 meetings that this guy is somebody I can spend my life with. Things progressed further & on the my b’day, he gave me surprise at 12 am & took me for surprise bd’ay dinner & proposed me there.

I had never expected a formal proposal for myself. I have memory for lifetime now where I was proposed at the Sky View Lounge of the most luxurious Hotel in the world , without Ring though. 😛 That proposal was something not expected as till then our Roka date was already finalized & preparation were going on at home.

After Roka, I didn’t realize when did I fell in Love with him, It just happened progressively each day. By the time our wedding date came, We both didn’t even realize that we met through parents & had an arranged marriage. We both were equally involved in our wedding preparations in spite of sitting miles away from India.

Those 6 months of knowing each other gave us time to know each other better & develop understanding & compatibility that today our friends & relatives feel that we both knew each other from before & had a love marriage. I feel that we both compliment each other in lot of ways.

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